Letter from Santa Claus

Published by Zdzislaw

Writing lettersis slowly dying and we assume we are the ones responsible for that. Of course, the causes can be traced to the Internet, the easier contact with other people, the ability to send e-mails from your phone, but it is not the same thing. It's lacking the entire feeling of writing, sending and recieving letters. An E-Mail can be printed and hang on the wall, or put into a wooden box and kept underneath the bed, but it's not the same thing. The best letters are those written with a pen. On the list of people from whom we can obtain such beautiful letters the high top is taken by the Santa Claus.

That's right! You can receive letter from Santa Claus. You just have to write to him first. Santa Claus is very busy - spending time with his wife, take care of the whole factory of toys and training reindeer. In addition to all this, his wife is probably not completely satisfied with their place of residence (who would have ever wanted to live in the North Pole?!), the elves are still singing with their shrill voices (it can get a man really tired after one hour, and just think how can he feels after many, many years), and reindeers... reindeers actually are the smallest problem, because they do not complain about the weather, and they do not sing, but you just try to Train Your entire team of reindeer, in one night, so they can manage to managed to driv take you to any house, anywhere in the world. And to help enter the apartment through the chimney and out the same way. To train them like that - well, that's a hard job. You do not expect to think that Santa Claus himself gives to deal with it, with climbing in and out of the chimney. It is holy, but it is not Spider-Man!

It is however quite sad. Nearly eight billion people in the world and so few of them wrote to him. Man's working every day, dealing with elves, training reindeer and nobody send him a letter. I mean - some of us do send them, but still our number is rather small. And each of them, the ones who write to Santa receives letters from Santa Claus. In the end, holy person is a well-mannered person and knows that every letter must be answered, and so he must find a moment to do it. And he does it! Letters from Santa Claus get more people, but there are still not many. So maybe you might be interested in this topic and now begin to write letters from Santa Claus. Write what you want him to get you this year, write how will look Your Christmas Eve, and Your Christmas tree, write and were polite, but do not forget the thank him for all these years, during which he flown bravely through the entire world in his sleigh, delivering presents to all , who did deserve them. Few people actually on this planet did deserve them, but Santa is very forgiving and tolerant, and it's also worth to thank him for that. Do a good deed and write to Santa Claus, who is bored a bit on the extreme polar. No doubt they also receive letters from Santa Claus and he will be very glad that someone is interested in him. So go ahead, write letters to Santa and do not worry - surely you will have your answer!

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